Hands-on creative fun for all ages!
Our Build-A-Drone courses are a great opportunity to pick up a fun new hobby with family or friends. You’ll get to design and build your own drones, then test fly through our circuit and even race your friends to compete for a place on our hall of fame.

Our drones are easy to build and fly, with no complicated parts. This allows you to experiment and unleash your creativity. If you happen to crash it, all you’ll need to do is snap the pieces back together again! 

A Hall-of-Fame board is set up in our flight zone and individuals can compete to be the Top Pilot. Attractive prizes are awarded to the Number ONE pilot every quarter so come fly our drones through the course to win prizes every 3 months!

How it works

Basic Build & Fly (1.5hrs):
This is our Basic Starter course where you’ll learn how to build a basic drone model, then learn how to fly it through our obstacle course.

Advance Build & Fly (1.5hrs):
In our Advance Build course, you will learn how to customise and design your own drone, then put it to the test through our obstacle course.

Drone Fly Sessions (Blocks of 30mins):
Free & Easy fly time through our obstacle course. Practice your flying and try to clock the fastest time and get yourself on our Quarterly Hall of Fame to win attractive prizes.


Pre-booking of time slots required.




Basic Build & Fly Course (1.5hrs): $60/pax 
Advance Build & Fly Course (1.5hrs): $50/pax
Drone Fly Sessions (only after completing Basic Course): $16 (30mins), $25 (60mins)
Every 5 Drone Fly Sessions, gets you 1 Session FREE!

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