FAA Flight training

FAA Flight Training

Our FAA Helicopter Flight Training Programme is tailored to get you exactly where you want to be. Whether it’s to check off your first solo flight, obtain a private pilot license for recreational hobby flying or even a commercial pilot license to pursue a career in aviation. 

Students will undergo a series of flight theory lessons on ground in Singapore while physical flight training will be conducted in Johor, Malaysia in a Robinson (R44) Helicopter.  

We are able to customise our training programmes to fit our students requirements. This gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace and schedule. 

How it works

Our step-by-step flight training programme aims to equip students with the necessary skills to fly a helicopter. We are able to tailor our training programmes to fit the needs and requirements of our students, as we understand there’s no ‘one size fit all’ method of teaching and learning. Therefore, our students are able to learn and progress at their own comfortable pace. 

Ground theory lessons will be held in Singapore while actual flight training in the R44 helicopter will be conducted in Johor at Senai Airport in Malaysia. This is so, because the airspace in Singapore is limited and strictly controlled due to heavy commercial air traffic.

As such, this gives students the flexibility to juggle between flight training and their usual work schedule without the need to be based overseas for a substantial period of time, incurring additional expenses and using up annual leave.


Course Requirements

To be eligible to start training as a student pilot towards a certificate (Solo Flight/PPL/CPL), the candidate must:

Towards Private Pilot Licence (minimum requirements):

***If candidate only wants the experience on helicopter flights, and not intending to achieve any formal certifications, he / she need not fulfil any of the above requirements.***

Cost Involved

Ground Training in Singapore: $1,500 for a set of 6 theory lessons, with guidance & tips to passing required exams
Bulk Purchase Flight Hours for Training: $1,050/hr
Paid By Per Session Flight Hours for Training: $1,250/hr

– Ground training will  cover 6 different topics with one lesson for each topic lasting about 2.5hrs per session.
– Per session or bulk flight training hours include instructor fees, fuel required & surcharge (if any), airport take-off & landing fees, and ground handling fees.
– Bulk purchase will need a minimum of 15 hours up-front payment each time (non-refundable)
– All flights are weather permitting – no flight no charge (dependable on weather and air traffic circumstances)
– All training lessons/sessions must be pre-arranged with an instructor

– Transport arrangements into Malaysia for flight training is not included, but can be arranged, at additional cost (if required)


– Why do must we do our flights in Malaysia instead of Singapore?
Singapore’s airspace is limited and very busy due to heavy commercial air traffic coming through Changi Airport. Most of Singapore’s airspace is also controlled by the military hence, there isn’t much decent flight training space in here. Whereas training in Johor offers a lot more airspace availability as well as time slots for flying.

– I have eyesight issues, I don’t have perfect eyesight. Can I still participate in the flight training programme?
Yes! You do not need perfect eye sight to fly an aircraft but make sure to wear prescriptive glasses/contact lenses if any.

– I am not Singaporean, does this still make me eligible to join your programme?
Our policy is, “Anybody can fly!”. As long as you have possess a valid passport and meet the course requirements above, you’re welcome to join us!

– Can females join the course? I’m really interested to become a pilot.
Most definitely! In fact, over the years we have encountered more and more females taking an interest in helicopter flying! Gone are the days where males are dominant in the aviation industry. As long as you are above 16, we welcome you!

– How long will our flying days be?
General Aviation is mostly conducted via Visual Flight Reference (VFR) hence, it is very subjected to weather conditions. On days we travel up to Johor for flying, we usually set aside a large part of the day as we will have to factor in the crossing of land checkpoints as well as go through 2 sets of customs/immigration procedure. Taking into consideration that our flights are weather dependent, additional buffer time should be included for all trips. Students will be briefed on the schedule for flight days beforehand so they can make the necessary arrangements.

– Will there be insurance coverage?
Both the aircraft, student pilots and instructors will be covered on basic insurance. Nonetheless, you are encouraged to purchase your own insurance, if you like, and that includes travel insurance for the trips into Malaysia. They would mostly be day trips.

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